If you would like to make a secure donation towards Good Samaritan Ministry, and the projects we are involved in, please click on the above link. 

We thank you for your generosity. 

It's (nearly) Christmas!!

And along with Christmas comes the endless headaches of what to buy for whom! 

Why not consider a Christmas Gift Card through GSM. When you buy a goat, or education, or donate toward the land development, you are giving the gift of life and hope to those without this Christmas. You will be given a card which describes the gift you have purchased, so that you can give it to someone here, and we will take the gift you have purchased and gift it to a family, child or community who desperately needs it. 

If you'd like to order, have a look at the flyer, and contact me by email or facebook, and we'll get the cards to you asap. 

ABN: 71 601 805 860
Good Samaritan Ministry Incorporated is a registed Incorporated Association in Australia. We are also known as Good Samaritan Charitable Trust Registered in India.