Current projects and sponsorship opportunities

Land Opportunity

We have been able to secure some land and pray daily for funds to develop the land to benefit all who live near by. We would love a secure area where the hostels can be housed, with playgrounds for the children, more space and outdoor play areas. It will be secure with a good fence but open and roomy inside the fence. Our dream is to give the children a wonderful life inside the area, with plants and vegetable gardens and animals, with possibilities in the future for schooling and other activities within the campus.
If you would like to assist in making this dream happen, please donate!  This goal can be easily met with the generosity of people like you. Why not commit to an amount you can afford and invest in changing lives in Odisha

Tuition Centres

Money raised from our annual fundraising dinners have enabled us to open and continue to run three tuition centres. These are in Kodagulami village, Budaguda village, and Gojakhupuli village, in the state of Odisha. There are over 140 children attending the tuition centres daily for education assistance and a free meal!
The tuition center provides after school tuition by teachers, and gives the children a meal after their tuition time is completed. 
Village schools can be unreliable, depending on the teacher and if they want to go to work. A tuition centre gives students the opportunity to do their best with extra coaching and tutoring, without the burden on parents of expense for this. A free meal also eases the burden on families who often struggle to provide nutritious meals for their children.
The cost of a tuition centre for 40-50 children, is around AUD $5000 per year. Extra funds means more tuition centres!

Sewing Centre

We are currently running a sewing centre teaching young women a skill with which we know will change their families futures, giving them opportunities to earn an income for their families.

Sponsorship opportunities

  • Child sponsorship - $30/month - supports a child in a hostel with other children, living in a family type environment. Child attends local school, gets good meals and help with homework.
  • Widow Sponsorship - $20/month - supports isolated rural widows with a financial gift each month to assist in their daily living requirements
  • Pastor Support - $50/month - supports a pastor to run a church in an area of need. The pastor becomes a support for the village and can assist in identifying other needs which GSM can then meet through other programs. 
  • Tuition Centre - $10/month - supports a child in tuition. We provide tuition in villages where there is a need, giving children help with homework, electricity and supplies required for homework and assisting with an evening meal. 

Short term mission trips

If you would like to see first hand the work we do, help out with our projects or get involved, we run short term trips. In small groups, fully guided we will take you to see all of our projects and give you an experience in a non-tourist area that you will not get anywhere else!

We take small groups, for 12-14 day trips and your life will be changed, your views will be challenged and we pray that as a result you will continue to give towards the lives you have seen to continue to make a difference. 

If this interests you, please contact us and we can give you more information.