This picture of mine reminds me of Gods love in a special way in my life. It was 1994 in Bible College. The guy who is by my side (Warden on left, me on Right) is the boys warden. In my 3 years of Bible college I have suffered hardship. This is one story. During my 3 years in Bible college only once did I receive 50 rupees as a money order (= $1 AUD). I wanted to buy a shirt with this money which was costing 35 rupees on those days, but to go to market to and from auto rickshaws cost 12 rupees. I only had one set of clothes - 1 shirt, 1 t shirt and 1 pair of trousers which I washed and wore daily for over a year. So I wanted to spend this money wisely. 

I thought for a while, I thought I should buy a second hand shirt but to go to that market and return, the fare would cost 15 rupees. This man, the warden, his house was near to the second hand shirt market. I was very hesitant but I asked him if he could buy some shirts for me from second hand shirts shop. I don't want to go because it would cost me 15 rupees just to travel. My warden had noticed that this was the first time I had received a money order, so he told me keep your money with you I will get some of my old shirts and you can have them. I was very happy.

On Sunday just before our Church service started he handed me 3 shirts. He was a large guy. Those shirt were very loose to me but I wore them, and when I did I couldn't control my tears ......... this picture reminds me God is faithful. - Ashok Mishal